Checklist: Basic Legal Docs You Need for Your Online Business

Our checklist will walk you through, step-by-step by business owner type, exactly what legal docs you need for your business.

🗒 Want to protect your business, but overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

🗒 Afraid you might be missing something or not have the right contracts for your business?

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All websites are required by law to have a Privacy Policy?

As business owners, we're all trying to balance a million different things every day. You don't have the time to research exactly what legal documents you need for your business (and you know better than to rely on Google anyway 😉), or even the time to find a lawyer you then have to pay by the hour.

This checklist will walk you through exactly what you need-for your type of business.

Inside you'll find:

  • What policies your webpage needs
  • What agreements you need if you work directly with clients
  • What documents you need if you sell digital products or courses
  • What you need if you want to hire someone
  • Specific recommendations for coaches, course creators, service providers, VAs, social media managers, digital product creators, and any online business owner with a website.

Complete our checklist.
Get protected.

It's that easy! Our checklist helps you identify what legal docs you need so you can protect your business. Have peace of mind knowing your business-your passion-is fully protected.

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